Kenny Martinez is a self-taught photographer living in Hawaii by way of Denver, Colorado. He specializes in Landscape, Surf, and Commercial photography.

He credits his natural eye for surf photography to his obsession with surfing as a kid.   Living in Denver, he would cut out giant collages of surf photos and tape them to his wall. He drove his parents crazy bugging them to move his family to California so he could become a surfer and an actor. Sports were a huge focus in his home growing up, so being the youngest of 4 it's safe to say he was very competitive. In high school he was a 4-sport athlete and left wrestling in college to pursue a career as a professional snowboarder.

He spent most of his 20’s traveling, competing, and filming video parts as a sponsored snowboarder. Thanks to snowboarding Kenny got his first exposure to traveling and working outside. Unfortunately he was injured in a car accident that resulted in a back injury.  With an injured lower back causing him to take time off he was struggling to return to filming and competing. During this time Skullcandy his headphone sponsor offered him a full time position traveling and working as a Brand Ambassador for them. Knowing his snowboarding future was uncertain he accepted the position. He hit the road traveling 40 weeks a year helping to grow their brand. 

Kenny is no stranger to life on the road, in fact most people would consider him a bit of a nomad. He loves experiencing new places and his favorite days are spent traveling and exploring new locations to shoot. He prides himself on being prepared so a lot of his time is spent researching the geography and conditions of his locations. People are often shocked at the lengths he will go to get an image.  Whether it's hiking for days with a 70lb pack, dragging a 10ft ladder up and down the beach at Ehukai, or spending countless nights camping in the backcountry waiting for conditions to be perfect.  He considers his work ethic and determination to be his greatest assets. His family has always encouraged him to be the best and chase his dreams. Kenny often jokes that he is just a photographer from south Denver trying to travel the world and make his family proud.